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Strawberries Thrive in Fabric Grow Pots

Maybe the Grow Revolution that has gained strength over the last few years has inspired you to grow a garden of your own for healthier food, organic options, and the sense of accomplishment self-sufficiency brings.  “How do you I get started?” you have probably asked yourself. Fabric grow pots, such as those produced and distributed by Ruth’s Tree Farm, make home gardening easy and efficient.

strawberries love fabric grow pots from ruths trees

Strawberries Are Heart Smart

Any Strawberries Will Grow in Fabric Grow Pots


One of the best crops for newbie container farmers to grow is strawberries.  Available in two main varieties, with a broad range of tastes and sizes between the two, strawberries are easy to cultivate in fabric grow pots.  Whether you choose a June-bearing or a an ever-bearing variety, you will have plenty of space for a thriving bed of strawberries if you choose a 25-gallon fabric grow pot from Ruth’s Tree Farm.


Producing berries only a short time once a year, June-bearing plants are ideal for folks who need berries only seasonally.  With berries coming in all at once, you will have a bumper crop for preserves, jams, glazes, and freezing.  Ever-bearing berries will produce so long as weather allows.  In our zone 7 climate, for instance, the plants stay pretty year round.  Large leaves soak up sun for chlorophyll production, and the first blossoms appear in Mid-March, with berries coming in April.  In fact, we ate our first home-grown berry of the season last week.

The Benefits of Growing Strawberries in Fabric Grow Pots

The benefits of growing strawberries in fabric grow pots are many:

  • pest and fungus control
  • easy access for quick, reduced-bend picking
  • simplified maintenance for watering
  • mobility for increased light


Strawberries require excellent drainage, and yours will get just that with quality fabric grow pots.  Thousands of interwoven perforations allow for increased soil aeration and more efficient drainage.  Where overwatering has been a danger in the past and poor soil aeration promotes damaging fungal outbreaks, strawberries grown in our fabric grow pots always have just exactly the amount of water they need to thrive with better soil for healthier roots.


With over five beds of strawberries, my family has vast experience with the best ways to grow the tastiest berries.  Beds in our back yard do fairly well, but poor drainage hinders excellent growth, and the plants never produce as well as we would like.  Furthermore, as they are out of sight, we have to remind ourselves to pick.

Red, Sweet, and Juicy Through and Through

Red, Sweet, and Juicy Through and Through

For seven years, though, my sons and I have grown ever-bearing strawberries in a large plastic tote in the front yard, directly in line with our walkway to the street.  Passing this container every morning and evening, we never forget to water our plants.  And once the berries come in, every passing produces new treats for growing boys.  Begun from just four plants, this bed has never been replanted, and year after year it produces large, juicy berries of exquisite taste and color.


Vine-ripened berries, anyone who has tasted them we’ll tell you, are more flavorful.  The simple reason for that is that store-bought berries are picked to ripen in transit, without the benefit of the healthful sun or rain.  Home-grown berries are always better berries.


This year, excited about the samples of fabric grow pots we had received, my sons and I dug into planting new strawberry babies, and already the plants are thick and pretty with berries for us to use in smoothies, baked goods, oatmeal, salads, or by the biteful.  We look forward to years of berry container farming to come, and we hope you will take the time to grow your own.

How To Grow Your Own Strawberries in Fabric Grow Pots

To grow your own strawberries in 25-gallon fabric grow pots:

1. FILL the fabric grow pot 1/3 of the way up with compost and/or brown matter such as dry leaves.

2. FILL the fabric grow pot the rest of the way (to 2″ from the top of the container) with veggie-friendly potting soil.

3.  PLANT four healthy strawberry plants about 4″ from the edge of the fabric grow pot, leaving equal spacing between plants so that a square is formed.

1. DIG a small hole for each plant.

2. PLACE each plant so that the crown sits above the soil line.

3.  REPLACE the soil around the plant in a mound so that the crown is           parallel to the top of the mound.

4. PAT gently to make the soil firm.

5. WATER gently at the center so that the water disperses to all the roots.

Strawberry plants need 6-8 hours of sun a day.  Place the fabric grow pot where such sun is most available.  Water daily as overwatering will not be a problem.  Whenever soil is dry at the top 1″ of soil, the strawberry plants will be thirsty.IMG_2614_2



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