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Ruth’s Tree Farm Fabric Pots: Our Story

Ruth’s Tree Farm is a local manufacturer of fabric pots & grow bags – a better, less expensive alternative to smart pots. We manufacture our pots right here in the USA and employ stay at home seamstresses.

Our Pots and Grow Bags

Originally designed on the family farm to fulfill our needs. Our pots are made in the USA and we strive to use sustainable manufacturing practices as well as the most eco friendly & economical packaging. Ruth’s Tree Farm pots have rapidly become an international hit with growers & gardeners everywhere due to healthier, faster growing, higher yielding pots, gallon pots, wholesale pots

Hydroponic supplies, Gardening Supplies, Raised Bed Garden Kits, Organic soils, compost & fertilizer

We manufacture & sell direct at wholesale prices: Herb Garden Kits, Container Garden Kits, Fabric Pots manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles, affordable fabric grow bags. We also make, tomato & potato grow bags with handles.

Vegamatrix Organic nutrients

We offer Vegamatrix organic nutrients: Vegamatrix Boost, Amp-It, Bloom, Prime Zyme, Hard-N-Quick, Grow as well as Vegamatrix Starter Kits. Additionally, we stock multiple lines of nutrients, fertilizers, pest solutions, cloning agents, & starter kits.

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Fabric Pots  and Grow Bags in sizes from 1/2 Gallon up to 200 Gallon pots

We make Ruth’s Tree Farm Brand Fabric Pots & 100% Recycled Fabric Pots in every size from 1/2 Gallon to 200 Gallon. Handles are an option on all pots & we make custom sizes for growers at no up-charge.

Ruth’s Garden Supply also sells plastic pots in all sizes, plastic pot saucers, garden accessories, complete hydroponics kits, indoor gardening accessories: tents, lights, grow media, net cups and more.

Potting Soil, Organic Soil & Organic Compost, and Growing Medias

At Ruth’s Tree Farm we have a selection of our own proprietary blends of Organic, Compost, Peat, Amended, and potting soils. We also carry Dank Dirt brand Soils & Amendments.

Our entire line of pots are available as pre-filled (with growing media of your specification), Shrink Wrapped and delivered. Choose: Pot Size, Pot Style, And any blend of growing media and we’ll deliver pre-filled pots ready to plant.

Factory 2nds, Scratch & dent as well as close out items new daily in store at Blow Out Prices!

All products & custom production requests available for order online at Http://

Ruth’s Tree Farm Phone Orders 855-221-5889

Phone Orders 9 – 4:30 Mon. – Fri. Pacific Standard Time

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